Take 5% off your meals week over week.

Looking for weekly healthy, cooked and portioned food deliveries without the hassle?

Sign up to save time each week on meal prepping and placing an order and save some money while you're at it! Once you sign up all you have to do is select your meals each week. Don't have time to make your meal selections or you just forgot? No worries, we will pick your meals for you based on your preferences.

***Please note: the pricing on this page is after tax, delivery, and the 5% discount. ***

Select your meals each week or leave it to us!

You can still select your meals each week through an exclusive link sent out to our weekly subscribers each Wednesday morning at 9AM. If you forget to select your meals by the Friday at noon deadline we will default to 1-2 of each meal dependent on your meal preferences or allergens listed.


With this plan you won't have to worry about forgetting to place an order, about meals being sold out, or missing the deadline! You select the meals you want each week and we deliver each Sunday and Wednesday.

weekly savings

Save on your meal plan with 5% off your meals each week and access to exclusive discounts and free products. The prices on this page are inclusive of the 5% discount, taxes, and delivery. When selecting your payment date please note that we require payment the week prior to the start date of deliveries.

Change your plan any time!

Need 7 meals one week and 14 meals the next? MealFix is flexible and allows clients to change plans at any time by simply selecting a different package on meal selection day! We will then adjust/refund your plan and pricing accordingly.


Looking for something specific due to your diet preferences or allergies? Need 20+ meals for your family? Need to change the number of meals required each week due to work or social obligations?

We can customize your plan whether you prefer no-carb options, need an odd number of meals (like say... 17 meals each week?), or require delivery only 1 day of the week. Email us at info@mealfixcanada.com with requests you might have to see if we can accommodate you :)