Why You Should Try the Weekly Subscription

Want to skip the order the process?  Would you love to get weekly savings and guaranteed meals each week even if they are sold out? The weekly meal subscription will make your meal prep service experience even more awesome!

For customers who upgrade to the weekly subscription,  not only are you receiving healthy meals each week without having to cook or do dishes like our normal customers but on top of that you don’t have to fill out payment information, visit our website or fill out online forms and more!

In this blog post, we’ll share with you reasons to upgrade to the weekly subscription.

Why should you upgrade to the weekly subscription?

Skip the order process

Bypass the order process, so you don’t have to waste time inputting shipping and payment information every week.

You won't have to remember to order each week!

If you're new to the meal prep game you're probably go to our website every week to place an order, change your meals and upload your payment information. The problem with this is that you're busy with work, school, the gym, family or social life and you just might forget to remember to place an order before the Friday noon deadline.

By upgrading to the weekly subscription, you won't have to worry about remembering to place an order. You also won't have to experience the horrors of coming to our website on a Thursday night and seeing sold out signs, or even worse...missing the deadline entirely! 

Receive Weekly Savings

By upgrading to the weekly subscription, you save on your meal plan with 5% off your meals each week and you also have access to exclusive discounts and free products.

You are guaranteed meals each week even if meals are sold out

New customers don’t realize that due to the high volume of demand our meals are sold out usually by Thursday nights or Friday mornings, so for those looking to place orders (last minute) before the deadline you’ll miss out! The weekly subscription guarantees you get your meals every week.

How to upgrade to the weekly meal subscription?

Upgrading to the weekly subscriptions is super quick and easy.

  1. Click this link to get started:
  2. Select your package
    1. 7 meals (lunch or dinner for the week)
    2. 10 meals (lunch & dinner weekdays) or
    3. 14 meals (lunch & dinner weekdays & weekends)
  3. Do you want to select a Recurring day to where payments are made weekly or start immediately?
  4. Fill out order instructions
  5. Enter your payment information