Weekly Subscription

How the Weekly Subscription Works

Step 1: Select a Package

  1. 7 meals (lunch or dinner for the week)
  2. 10 meals (lunch & dinner weekdays) or
  3. 14 meals (lunch & dinner weekdays & weekends)
Selecting A Package

Step 2: Select a Recurring day or start immediately?

If you select "Choose Recurring day", you will be billed  each week during the day of the week you select.

If you select "start immediately", you will be billed each week based on the day to you started your meal subscription. 

Subscription Recurring Day timeline

Step 3: Fill out shipping information and order instructions

Order Instructions

Step 4: Enter your payment information

Payment Details

Step 5: Select your meals

Your subscription and payment can take a couple of hours to be processed by our team. Once we have processed your weekly subscription for delivery you will receive a welcome email from us with a link to select your meals. You will continue to receive emails from us each Wednesday morning with your meal selection link at the bottom of the email.


Have special requirements? Need more meals? Want no carb meals or gluten-free only? Let us know and we will do our best to customize your meals for you.


Ready to get started?